Photographer Shasha Eisensman just published these photos of Robert Pattinson from his shoot with fellow Twilight cast mates back in 2008. One is new and the other are in better quality from what we’ve seen before.

We also have some larger Theo Wenner photos via Pattinson Art-Work



You can revisit both shoots at our gallery: InStyle, Theo Wenner for Dosier and Rolling Stone (untagged)



Nan Goldin, who photographed Rovert Pattinson’s Dior Homme Ad campaign spoke about the actor in a recent interview. He told L’Express (France)

I loved taking pictures of women like Kate Moss naked on a horse, or Tilda Swinton, covered with hide. In front of them, I am in “caress” mode. I also enjoyed photographing Robert Pattinson for Dior, in a harsh light. He looks like a portrait of the painter Paul Cadmus exposed at the Brooklyn Museum in New York … Same brown hair, same blue eyes … Nothing about him rhymes with “pretty”.

Translation thanks to Pattinson Art-Work

This is the portrait she’s referring to





1. Robert Pattinson, “The Twilight Saga” (2009-2012)

Robert Pattinson captured hearts as teen vampire Edward in the four-film series, kicking off the current wave of vampire pop culture. Without “Twilight” (the first novel was published in 2005), there would likely be no “Vampire Diaries,” “True Blood,” “Dracula,” or “Only Lovers Left Alive” – and this list would be, sadly, much shorter.




A24 Films had previously set the US release for The Rover for July 18th but today they announced it has been moved up!!


No one #roverreact now – we just pushed up the release date for @TheRoverFilm to June! http://t.co/xJsaBsKF9d

One month closer to we see Rob in action!! Excited?!



Metropolitan Films just announced the French release of The Rover for May 21, 2014

Update: they just removed their previous tweet and havposted the following:

#TheRover Pas de date officielle pour la sortie française pour l’instant / No official French release for now. More info coming soon ! ;)

THE ROVER avec Guy Pearce et Robert Pattinson sortira en France le 21 mai prochain ! #TheRover http://t.co/xpPz7tXYU9

Translation by Pattinson Art work

THE ROVER with Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson will be released in France on May 21!

Looks like they jumped the gun on an official announcement but it will probably be the mentioned date.

Exciting! Now to wait for the US date!



Robert Pattinson is currently on location in Ontario filming Life where he portrays famous photographer Dennis Stock. Entertainment Weekly’s newest issue (out this Friday) has the first official still from the film along with a blurb. We got an iPad snapshot for your viewing pleasure.


From EW:

However, that fateful trip, where Stock shot Dean’s famous Times Square photo, is the subject of a new film directed by Dutch director Anton Corbijn. Starring Dane DeHaan as Dean and Robert Pattinson as Stock, the film, called Life, is currently shooting in freezing Ontario, Canada, which is doubling for Indiana.

In the shot, the two young actors are heading from the train station to Dean’s childhood home. Corbijn is happy with the film’s progress thus far. When we spoke to the director he had been shooting for eight days and was already pleased with the connections formed between the two men.

More importantly, they’ve each sparked to their disparate roles.

“Rob has an intensity that I think Dennis would have. When I see Rob, I see an inner turmoil that is great for the role,” he said. “And Dane is really interesting. He has a beautiful face, but it’s a hard face to grasp. It’s hard to see how Dane reads sometimes, and the same thing goes for James Dean.”



Allocine has confirmed the French release date for Maps to the Stars for May!


Translation by Pattinson Artwork:

Le Pacte has announced that “Maps to the Stars”, the next feature film by David Cronenberg starring Robert Pattinson, John Cusack and Julianne Moore will hit our screens in May 2014.

As we announced in January a first editing of Maps To The Stars was ready and that the film had passed by the Committee of Film Classification in the United States, Le Pacte – the french distributor – just gave a release date for the next film by David Cronenberg, in May 2014.

No specific date has been given, but like his Cosmopolis in 2012, there is a good chance that the release will be made simultaneously in theaters and for its presentation at Cannes.

Led by Robert Pattinson, Julianne Moore and John Cusack, Maps To The Stars central theme is Hollywood, and more exactly the obsession with celebrity.

David Cronenberg has been selected 4 times in Cannes in Official Competition: Crash in 1996 and Spider in 2002, A History of Violence in 2005 and Cosmopolis in 2012.

Note that The Rover by David Michôd with Robert Pattinson has no realease date yet too and could be in competition for the Palme d’Or.

Double dose of Pattinson for the 67th Cannes Film Festival?

We’re all predicting a presentation in Cannes as well so let’s hope this happens. We love seeing Cannes Rob and Cronenberg.


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